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        Residual Gas Analysis

        • XT100-ODM Standard unit Faraday Cup (FC)

          XT100M-ODM Unit with FC and Electron Multiplier

          Quadrupole mass spectrometer system,
          100 AMU with build-in Pirani and Ion gauge,
          Measuring head on CF35 flange
          With Vacuum Plus Software (Extorr)

      • Viewport*

        • Zero-length Viewport (VP) with
          lead glass disc (removable, exchangeable)

          VPZ38LG-ODM CF35, viewing diameter 33mm 135,00 €

          VPZ64LG-ODM CF63, viewing diameter 63mm 195,00 €

          VPZ100LG-ODM CF100, viewing diameter 106mm 419,00 €

      • Zero Length Adapter*

        • Zero length Adapter

          Reducer, Stainless steel, metric thread

          ZL1035-ODM CF100 to CF35 79,00 €

          ZL6335-ODM CF63 to CF35 69,00 €

      • Hidden

        Heater Tape, metal braded*

        • Heating tape,

          230V, 675W, 5,5m long, Schuko plug

          MB-055-ODM 395,00 €

      • Foreline Trap*

        • Coaxial Foreline Trap

          Minimizing oil back streaming from roughing pump, sealed trap, trapping media: Stainless Steel.

          CT-070-SF-ODM KF16 110,00 €

          CT-100-SF-ODM KF25 120,00 €

      • Flexible Hose*

        • Flexible hose, stainless steel

          KF flanges on both ends

          FX16K25-ODM KF16, length 250mm 35,00 €

          FX25K50-ODM KF25, length 500mm 45,00 €

      • Thin Wall bellows*

        • Formed bellow, stainless steel

          KF flanges on both ends

          KF40, length 100mm 65,00 €

      • Formed bellows*

        • 6519-ODM Inner diameter 75 mm (3”), Length ∼ 115 mm (4.5”) 135,00 €

          Formed bellow,

          Stainless steel

          no flanges

      • Thermocouple Power Feedthrough*

        • A0442-5-W-ODM 169,00 €

          2 pin, 5kV, 30 A

          1 pair Thermocouple Type C,

          with air side T/C connector

          Weldable, no flange

      • Thermocouple Power Feedthrough*

        • A0660-2-W-ODM 65,00 €

          1 pin Shielded Coaxial Feedthrough for High Frequency Transmission to 1 GHz, Grounded Shield, ∼9,5 mm (0.373”) Dia Stainless Steel Weld Adapter, UHV Compatible Without Air-side Connector

      • Power Glove Connector*

        • A2959-2-CN-ODM 65,00 €

          Cable with connector

          Silicon cable, ∼2,40 m (96”) long

          5 kV

          Connector pin: ∼1,63 mm (0.064”)

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