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Please be aware of our SELECTED AND FEATURED OFFERS  e. g. VF-016 mini Rotary Feedthrough, CF16, starting @ € 635, net, EXW

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  • Accessories (Wires, Thermocouple, Connectors, …)
  • Bakeout Equipment
  • Ceramic Components
    (Screws, Washer, Beads,
    Tubes, …)
  • Current Feedthroughs
  • Faraday Cup Systems
  • Ion Pumps
  • Quartz Microbalance

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  • Atomic Hydrogen Source
  • E-Beam Heaters
  • Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite (HOPG)
  • mini e-Beam Evaporator
  • Mini-Coater
  • Plasma Sources (Atom, Ion, Hybrid)
  • Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer


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  • Accessories (Wires, Thermocouple, Connectors, …)
  • E-Beam Heaters
  • Effusion Cells
  • Mini e-Beam Evaporator
  • Mini-Coater
  • Optical Thickness Monitors
  • Plasma Sources (Atom, Ion, Hybrid)
  • Quartz Microbalance

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  • Electron Guns
  • Faraday Cup System
  • HOPG
  • Ion Sources
  • MCP Assemblies
  • MCP Detectors
  • Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer


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Your Partner in Vacuum Technology, Thin Films and Surface Science

Combining Trade and Development for Standard and Engineered Solutions

Made in Germany – Components and Systems made by tectra are well established and valued in the scientific community around the world. Long experience and expertise in the fields of vacuum, thin film deposition and analytical equipment permit tectra to support your success.

tectra GmbH is offering a wide range of well recognized products from their world-wide partners also. The portfolio is including standard vacuum components like flanges, valves, linear and rotational feedthroughs, electrical feedthroughs, vacuum measurement systems, UHV stepper motors and mechanisms, Ion- and Electron Sources, Heaters, Bakeout Equipment, …

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tectra Sources
example Plasma Source GenII

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