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Your Partner in Vacuum Technology, Thin Films and Surface Science

Combining Trade and Development for Standard and Engineered Solutions

tectra GmbH is a market leader and your partner in the area of vacuum technology, thin films deposition and surface science.
It is especially focusing on the global research market at universities, government research labs, R&D institutes, and departments. It combines trade and development to support the community with high-end components and equipment.

Custom-Made Devices and Systems

Made in Germany – Components and Systems made by tectra are well recognized and valued in the scientific community around the world. Many years of experience and expertise in the fields of vacuum, thin film deposition and analytical equipment
Permit tectra to support your success. Products, like

  • MICO and SPUCO Deposition Systems
  • TPIS GENII Plasma Sources (Ion-, Atom-, Hybrid-Sources)
  • IonEtch Sputter Gun
  • H-flux Atomic Hydrogen Sources
  • E-flux Electron Beam Evaporators
  • Heater Stages
Products and Components from Experienced Partners

tectra GmbH is offering a very wide portfolio of vacuum parts, assemblies and devices of their well-recognized world-wide partners also, like:

  • Standard vacuum components (flanges, valves, linear and rotational feedthroughs) from Huntington Mechanical Labs
  • Electrical feedthroughs from MPF
  • Vacuum measurement systems, UHV stepper motors and mechanisms from AML
  • Ion- and Electron-Sources from
    Kimball Physics
  • Heaters from Momentive
  • Bakeout Equipment from Hemi Heating
  • LEIPS from ADCAP,…

We keep an extended stock of many different standard parts to serve urgent needs from Frankfurt/M. (Germany)


tectra GmbH is a family owned business. It was founded by Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Gati in Frankfurt, Germany in 1985. The business started originally in the field of technology transfer. tectra GmbH specialized over the years in the area of high vacuum (HV) / ultra-high vacuum (UHV) components and systems, targeting especially  thin film deposition and surface science..

A History of Technology:


Founded in Frankfurt (Germany)


First Mini-MBE System


Patent Application (Microwave Plasma Source)


First Plasma Source installed


First e-flux Mini e-beam Evaporator installed


First MiCo Mini Coater installed


First SpuCo Sputter Coater installed


First Heater Stage installed


New Offices in Frankfurt a. Main (Germany)

tectra GmbH’s mission is care, service, cost and quality, focusing on customer needs.

Uwe Hasse, tectra CEO, states:

“The company is very proud to service and support the global R & D community in Physics and Materials Science with robust, easy to use, inexpensive equipment to explore the basics of materials and for the development of new ones.”


tectra GmbH has a very experienced team with many years of expertise in the fields of vacuum, thin film deposition, material and surface science.

The front team, having a strong background in physics and natural science, is listening very carefully to understand your needs and prepared to offer standard or tailored solutions for your experimental challenges.

The team behind is bringing also years of experience in electronics, logistics … to ensure the customers high expectations on cost, quality and service.

Please don’t hesitate to ask the team at tectra to assist you in solving your challenges. The team is committed and looking forward to your inquiry.


tectra GmbH is combining trade with design and production of their own products to offer standard and engineered solutions especially for the physics and material science research community.
It is offering a wide portfolio of standard and custom made products, from feedthroughs, manipulators, products in the field of HV, UHV, Thin Film Deposition and Surface Analytics.
Besides the sales of vacuum – especially UHV – related instruments and components tectra is manufacturing instruments such as mini e-beam evaporator, plasma sources (atom source, ion source, atom/ion hybrid source), sputter gun, atomic hydrogen source, heater stages, and small evaporation systems.
tectra GmbH has more than 550 systems and devices installed globally.
tectra GmbH is working very closely with their partners around the world from countries like US, Japan, UK, Sweden, Israel, … to support the science community.
Amongst others you’ll find companies like:

ADCAP Vacuum Technology Co, Ltd., Japan

Arun Microelectronics Ltd., UK

Applied Surface Technologies, USA

Hemi Heating AB, Sweden

Huntington Mechanical Labs, Inc., USA

Intellemetrics Global Ltd., UK

Instrument Technology Ltd., UK

Kimball Physics Ind., USA

Momentive Performance Materials Inc., USA

MPF Products, Inc., USA

The company is located in Frankfurt/Germany.