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Plasma Source, GenII
Mini e-beam evaporator
Atomic Hydrogen Source
IonEtch Sputter Ion Gun
Plasma Source
Atom Source, 
Ion Source

or Atom/Ion Hybrid Source
e-beam evaporator
Mini Electron
Beam Evaporator
Hydrogen Cracker
Atomic Hydrogen
Argon Sputter Gun
Sputter Gun
NEW: 2- and 4-pocket e-beam evaporator
New Huntington vacuum components catalog for download (16MB)
Huntington catalog download
Download new MPF catalog of current feedthroughs (16,5MB)
 new MPF catalog of current feedthroughs
Download new ITL catalog of flange components (4,7MB)
ITL catalog of standard flange components
new Sub-D Feedthroughs brochure of MPF
new UHV transport suitcase
Kapton wire, single strand, 7-strand and coax cable
new High Current version of IonEtch Sputter gun
e-flux Mini E-Beam Evaporator: new Deposition Controller
new Faraday Cup System
Plasma Source: new remote control options
Ceramic Screws: besides the M4x10 and M3x10 now also available in M2x5
e-beam evaporator series
New multipocket electron beam evaporators can evaporate 2 or 4 different materials out of a single CF40 (2.75"OD) flange. Further information
further info to the e-flux mini e-beam evaporator

Fotos of the GenII Plasma Source with different gases:

plasma source beam in ion source mode

plasma source in ion source mode with Argon plasma source in ion source mode with air  plasma source in ion source mode with Helium
enlarged fotos see Plasma Source
last update 11.10.2011